1. Randy Hermanson says:

    This lesson I have had several times in my life, that Gods answer to prayer and expectation often comes in unexpected forms. You would think by now I would get it. I think by the time somebody lives for 66 years they would have seen this example several times. The first time of seeing Gods answer in an unexpected way is the most devastating but at times the harshness of the answer gets even worse the longer we live. The answer also gets to be easier to accept the more we witness God answering us in unexpected ways. The people of Israel had to learn to regroup and figure out a new plan according to Gods will. We need to apply this to our personal lives. Regroup and figure out a new plan.

    This reminds me of a time when I served on National Ski Patrol. I had visions of becoming an advanced patroller capable of doing back country rescues. I tried out for Nordic Ski Patrol and failed miserably two times. I applied for avalanche training and instead the group leader placed me on probation for ski ability. The hard message was I would not be a back country rescuer and for that matter I am not as good a skier as I thought. My decision was to quit the patrol and move on. Time went on and skiing became too expensive, even Nordic skiing was too expensive but the climate has changed where we don’t get a significant enough snow to ski the trails. It was time to move on. I have had several other shocking answers throughout life. Thanks to choosing Gods power these lessons have made me wiser rather than make me bitter.

  2. Randy Hermanson says:

    so far leaving the nursing home and living independently has been the right move. I enjoy the peacefulness of living alone yet i see where it would be better to have a significant other to share with. The dog will fill part of that role as somebody that loves me and looks up to me for guidance (like a child). It would be nice to have a companion to share responsibility with me but it is unlikely that will happen at this stage of my life, unless i choose to live in sin. I know better not to go down that trail. It is one lesson in life i haven’t had to learn.

    Making this move reminds me of when the people of Israel entered into the promised land. There were many obstacles that made some to go against Gods plan but over time the move proved to be the right thing. As we know, this story has gone on teaching us many lessons and the story continues to unfold. Pray that we make the right decisions as we face new lessons and challenges in life.

  3. Melissa says:

    When my aunt came into the room and found me awake I thought its just heat that is making me struggle to sleep. She said to me quit overthinking and get some rest you need it, and she’s right. Its almost midnight and i’m still awake, something rare because I never run out of sleep. I have listened to the sermon twice, it came at a time I needed it most. Thank you for the sermons that come through from Willow Springs, they bless my heart.

    The reminder to be humble in our faith hits us when we least expect. I’ve had experiences of Jesus showing up not how I expect him to but having gone through it doesn’t make it easy when you’re expectant of him now. A couple of times I’ve also tried to twist God’s hand saying I serve a God of now who shows up now and never fails. On the 4th of March I received a regret letter for a graduate program I applied for with UBC. It hit me. I had it figured out, how useful that graduate degree will be, so time allocated for school was now in order for every other plan to fall into place. I get it now. He is saying ‘my daughter I made the promise but not yet.’ Not yet is painful because when it comes through it sounds like a no. I generally put in so much energy into what I do that my grief comes in anger and depression before acceptance. I have been applying for graduate programs a lot even before my IVEP mission. Coming to the acceptance of not yet has been hard because of the financial sacrifices I am constantly making in shipping documents, application fees and securing housing with the hope of a placement for school. I made calculations for God on how my life should go but He has his plans. Good plans. Jeremiah 29:11.

    He gave me a job with World Vision Zimbabwe, a job that practically sought me when I wasn’t looking in that particular direction. Unemployment rate in my country is so high around 90% making it hard to secure a job. Most people hustle through daily life to keep their families afloat. I’ve only been 2 months on the job but it feels like forever because I have worked with everyone within those two months including all my superiors, the directors and the COO for Southern Africa overseeing 9 countries who visited the country for 2 days. It is nothing close to my wisdom. It totally is God’s doing. When I think I have it figured out He shows He’s got it figured out. Always, He superceeds my expectations. I don’t have much to say but to acknowledge Isaiah 55:8-9. Jesus never shows up how we expect him to but how we need him to. He is never late.

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